Adding Options in Settings App

The reason I need Options in settings I need to change my Environments in the outside app so while developing I can easily test the functionality between different Environment’s & Run Script for Enable and Disable for Different Targets

Adding Settings Bundle

  1. Choose File > New > New File.
  2. Under iOS, choose Resource, and then select the Settings Bundle template.
  3. Name the file Settings.bundle

The new Settings bundle has the following structure:

Click on the Root.plist file. You’ll see a property list like this:

I will remove all the prefernces and create new multi-value & add Title as Environments & add Titles and Values

now create a helper struct to get the selected Environment

struct SettingsBundleHelper {

struct SettingsBundleKeys {

static let Environment = “environments”


static func getSettingsBundleEnvironment() -> String {

if let value = UserDefaults.standard.string(forKey: SettingsBundleKeys.Environment) {

return value


return “D”



That’s it Run the app and Go to the settings app you can see the Environment options

Also, I want to Hide these settings options when app on When Live so I will create a run script to hide that

# Run EnvironmentSwitcher


# enable Environment Switcher for Debug , Debug-Scheme-Q

if [ “${CONFIGURATION}” == “Debug-Scheme-D” || “Debug-Scheme-Q” || “Debug-Scheme-P”]; then

cp -r $BUILD_APP_DIR/Settings.bundle


# Disable Environment Switcher for Release

if [ “$CONFIGURATION” == “Release”]; then

rm -Rf $BUILD_APP_DIR/Settings.bundle

echo “Removed Settings Bundle”


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